Hiring during quarantine: challenging times require adaptability


The Covid-19 pandemic is for sure something everyone wasn't expecting to experience in 2020. It affected the way we live, the way we share experiences, and the way we build our relationships with people all around the world. And when it comes to welcoming new talent to Fanatee, we needed to be adaptable.

According to Laize Amon, recruiter of Fanatee’s Human Resources department, due to the pandemic, the team had to reinvent themselves in different aspects and take advantage of technology more now than ever before.

Even though part of the selection process always consisted of both online and in-person steps, nowadays they had to adapt.


“Thinking about hiring a person we have never seen in person and who does not know our office is not an easy task, but as we are discovering every day, it is super possible. We need to be even more attentive to all the details and also using the camera during the interview is a very important feature, as it causes a much greater impression of proximity than just voice contact.”


Shortening distances and making dreams come true


An entire online process does have its benefits, especially for the candidate. Being in the online environment shortens the distance between the talent that wants to join the team and the company as a whole. The candidate doesn’t need to take long hours of commuting just to be interviewed, for example.

Bruno Cesar, one of our newest additions to the team, saw the opportunity to work on something he loves, and the distance wouldn't prevent him from making his dreams come true.

“I was always interested in working with game development. The entire interview process took place online not only because of the pandemic but also because I used to live in Paraná. Everything was satisfying because at all stages I felt valued as a professional.”



Joining Fanatee was also a great way to keep nurturing a long-lasting friendship. Bruno followed the selection process of his friend and roommate to join the Fanatee team and decided to give it a try.

“After finishing my degree, I accepted my friend’s invitation to meet Fanatee and apply for a position. We did work together at college, so we knew it would be really cool to work together on something we enjoy”.


Tough times and new beginnings

The International Labour Organization (ILO)¹ stated that COVID-19 will have severe impacts on labor market results. The organization estimated an increase in global unemployment and that the “average” scenario suggests an increase of 13 million unemployed.

One of our most recent hires, Julia Milreu, was part of the unemployment statistics for a short time and found in Fanatee not only the opportunity to return to the market but also to work with what she likes.

“After being excused from my last job due to the pandemic, I took advantage of the fact that I had finished my studies and started looking for new opportunities”, she says. “I started researching Fanatee after seeing the opening for Motion Designer because it was the area I was most interested in”. 


Julia thinks that the online process was even less bureaucratic than it would be in person.

“The process surprised me in a very positive way. The organization is certainly a strong asset and the adaptability for home office work is admirable: we were able to sign contracts, create a bank account, fill out documents, and so many more. Always open to answer questions, the HR gave easily understandable instructions, it was even a less bureaucratic process than some hires that I attended in person”.



With easy to use tools, Julia’s online onboarding process helped her to gradually know more about the company and her coworkers.

“The onboardings carried were also interesting because it emphasizes the transparency and communication between the company and employees. With Zoom/Google Meet meetings, I was able to understand each area and learn how we can help to improve the overall results with our work”.



A new path also appeared to Julia Assis, currently an intern in the Community team. The warm welcome and the opportunity to change the working environment for sure were things to praise.

“I had recently left a bank, working under a lot of pressure and stress, and so I was looking for an environment that was more open, innovative, and inspiring”.



She claims that Fanatee welcomed her with open arms and the hiring was the best it could be.

“I’ve received lots of assistance and respect in such a complicated moment. Of course, I wanted to get to know the company and everyone physically but the online communication flows so well that it improves your experience with a lot of comforts”.


Looking forward to the future

The future is uncertain, but that should not be a reason to be discouraged. We believe in a future where we can meet in person and share even more experiences in the office. For now, we continue to do our part keeping the social distance. But of course, we are looking forward to the end of the pandemic.

Going back to normal is something that Laize is really excited about.


“We are looking forward to everything going back to normal so that we can meet at the office, promote even more integration between the teams, and finally meet everyone in person.”



The whole team is proud to keep welcoming new talent to the company. We are growing and even though not in the perfect scenario, we must keep our eyes wide open to anyone who has the willingness to bring value to the company.

Feel like joining the team? We’d love to get to know more about you. You can check all the available positions here. By the way, don’t forget to check our social media accounts. 

For now, stay safe!