Three qualities we consider important when hiring


Over the past couple of years, our small team of 20 people in São Paulo, grew into a global team of 100. In this time, we acquired valuable lessons on building a stellar team, but also reflected on one of the driving forces behind our success; People. 

Apart from the hard skills, a certain position might require, there are three key qualities that can make a big impression throughout the hiring process at Fanatee.


Ambition and potential

Typically, the hiring process includes a conversation with HR, a test to evaluate hard skills, an interview with the area leader, and occasionally with leadership. However, the steps from the initial screening up until the hiring may differ according to the area.

There is one common ground in all hiring journeys: this is the moment when we are looking to evaluate not only someone’s hard skills but most importantly, the passion, ambition, and enthusiasm to establish a career in the gaming industry and build successful products. 

We are keen on welcoming talented, high potential people that share our vision and creating opportunities for the people we believe in so that they can reach their full potential working with us.


Attention to detail

Attention to detail is another trait that we particularly value on the job and oftentimes, it is well reflected on someone’s resume. Typographic mistakes for example might take away from a positive first impression. 


Common values

At Fanatee, we have a passion for games and a mission to create high-quality, intelligent games, that are also viable products. 

While our team is multidisciplinary, they are people that understand the business objectives and how these translate to the purpose of their work. Regardless of the area, we collectively discuss user feedback and analyze key performance indicators so that we can fine-tune our games and put our day-to-day work within the wider context of the business.

These are attributes that we highly value in any professional that is seeking to join the team. We are looking to collaborate with people that share the same vision, with love for what they do and a determination to produce high-quality, successful games. 


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