SÃO PAULO, October 20th, 2016

Crazy Cast Official Launch

Fanatee Games announces the launch of Crazy Cast; a gaming platform that brings social media influencers as the main attraction, allowing players to compete against these characters in an innovative gaming experience. The platform aims to connect content creators, such as vloggers and youtubers with multiplayer casual games.

Crazy Cast launches with one game mode challenging users to unscramble a set of letters and find the hidden word all the while competing head-to-head with real opponents. The first player to find 4 words, wins the match. As of now, users can choose from 30 characters to compete against. The company aims to add other game modes and continuously update the app with new and entertaining opponents for users to choose from.

Followers and fans of social media influencers are given a chance to experience a more immersive form of interaction with these online personalities, testing their skills in one-on-one matches against them. Simultaneously, the platform allows these influencers to showcase their channels to a group of users they potentially wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Crazy Cast is open to creators that want to be part of the game and use their creativity to explore new entertainment formats.

Crazy Cast is now available for download on iOS and tvOS platforms. To learn more visit

Marco Banfi
Product Manager

About Fanatee:

Founded in 2013, Fanatee is the developer of three other games available for iOS and Android: Letter Zap Classic, Letroca Word Race and Stop!

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SÃO PAULO, April 27th, 2015

Letter Zap is amongst the first games developed for the Apple Watch.

Fanatee Games have just announced the launch of Letter Zap for the Apple Watch. The game, already available in the App Store for iPhones and iPads, brings a more dynamic and fast-paced concept to word games.

In the new version of the classic Letter Zap, users are given 30 seconds to unscramble a set of letters in a challenge to find the hidden word. They then progress to the next level if the currently displayed word is found. For those wanting to slow things down, players can also turn off the timer and play in Zen Mode for a more relaxed experience.

The project's biggest challenge was designing an engaging gameplay that took into consideration the new design metrics and fast-paced nature of users' interactions with the device. According to Jayme Cavalcanti, a partner at Fanatee, "the adaptation to the new screen size was a major reason for the change in the game's format."

Fanatee is betting Letter Zap will entertain new players and offer a different challenge for those already passionate about word games. Letter Zap is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

About Fanatee:

Founded in 2013 is the developer of three other games available for iOS and Android: Letter Zap Classic, Letroca Word Race and Stop!

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