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Fun trivia battles
Get your adrenalin pumping and your brain working with exhilarating trivia battles for the quick-witted!


Fast-paced trivia game you play with friends!

Have you ever bet your friends you can come up with an animal that starts with the letter "I" in less than 10 seconds? Here's your chance to prove it.

Draw a letter of the alphabet at random and come up with a word that starts with that letter for each of the five different categories. The player that scores the most correct answers in the least amount of time wins!

Challenge your friends now!


Favorite Game I have been playing this game on-and-off for YEARS now. I’m not really the gaming type, but this one is fun AND It doesn’t feel like a giant waste of time. It makes me associate ideas quickly while encouraging unique vocabulary choices. Highly suggest paying for unlimited lives.

Emily, United States

Stop Absolutely addictive! So much fun!

Ivy, United States

This game is so addictive!!

Lisa, United States

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