Get a glimpse of our culture, day-to-day and key moments.

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Programming with a Purpose

How technology and data intelligence help our team solve challenges and produce high-quality games.

2/10/2021  Gabriel Passarelli
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A Fanatee year in review

2020 has been an unconventional year, to say the least. At Fanatee, it’s been a year full of learnings, new beginnings and growth. Let's look back at some key moments.

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The first remote Fanatee Game Jam

Games are our full time job and above all our passion! As the year is coming to an end we thought it was the perfect time to organize an internal Game Jam which happened online, where people working in different areas within Fanatee can come together and work on a fun game project of their choice.

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The Fanatee way of producing successful games

The production of a game is long and it needs to be carefully planned. Learn how we commit to delivering high quality products.

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Three qualities we consider important when hiring

Over the past couple of years, our small team of 20 people in São Paulo, grew into a global team of 100. In this time, we acquired valuable lessons on what makes a stellar team.

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Word Lanes is the newest game by Fanatee

The family of games created by Fanatee’s creative minds is growing. Word Lanes is a new game that was born with the aim of providing a relaxing and contemplative experience.

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Supporting our local community during the pandemic

In collaboration with our suppliers, we donate and distribute products and supplies to local non-profit organizations that are supporting groups that have been impacted the most.

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Hiring during quarantine: challenging times require adaptability

When it comes to welcoming new talent to Fanatee, we needed to be adaptable to the new normal of working remotely.

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São Paulo

The biggest city in South America is home to our main office. Our new offices are in the center of the famous Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo with a breathtaking view of Ibirapuera park.